A Tale of Cheese: Tradition on the Mountain

What is the exact route that milk, so bountifully provided by our cows, takes before ending on our plate? There are quite a few interesting and complex steps before fresh milk becomes aromatic cheese. Come to beautiful Mt Zajavornik, where our experienced cheesemaker Ciril will reveal the secrets of the process while you will take in beautiful views and enjoy a stroll through unspoiled nature.


Time passes more slowly on a mountain surrounded by picturesque peaks, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Life in the hills is closer to nature and to tradition, which is also reflected in the way cheese is made. The tradition of cheese-making will be introduced to you by a master cheesemonger who will explain the process of making this popular dairy product. You will complete the informative part of the visit with a hearty breakfast of home-made delicacies and soothe all your senses while walking across the picturesque plateau.


3 hours


from 8 to 11 am

No. of persons:

Up to 8


Guided process of cheese manufacture, breakfast consisting of homemade delicacies


The event will take place between 1 June and 30 September 2021. People allergic to milk and dairy products should notify the staff at booking.

Tradicija na planini Listing

A Tale of Cheese: Tradition on the Mountain

From cows on mountain pastures to cheese on your plate. Learn about life on the mountain, see the how cheese is traditionally made and enjoy a homemade breakfast.

Blejska koca Listing

Blejska koča mountain hut

The Blejska koča mountain hut is perfect if you are after a short hike and a pleasant lunch in the mountains’ embrace. It is also a stop frequented by more experienced climbers on their way to Debela peč, a member of Slovenia’s 2,000-metre club. The hut offers spectacular views of Pokljuka plateau’s forests.

Lipanski vrh Listing

Lipanski vrh summit

The Lipanski vrh summit is best approached from Mt Lipanca and will reward you with a beautiful view of Triglav and the surrounding peaks. From the top you can continue towards Debela peč or return to Mt Lipanca for a spot of lunch at the Blejska koča mountain hut.


Debela pec Listing

Mt Debela peč

Mt Debela peč is a fairly easily accessible 2,000-meter peak on the edge of the Pokljuka plateau and thus a popular hiking destination. From Debela peč views open towards Triglav and other peaks of the Julian Alps.

Vodnikov Razglednik POI

Vodnik’s Viewpoint

Visit one of the most scenic viewpoints from which to admire beauty of Lake Bohinj. Follow the well-marked trail for a short and easy hike and enjoy the breathtaking views. Take your time, sit down on the bench and take in the beauties of nature.

Vodnikov Razglednik Listing2

Grmečica Waterfall

The picturesque Grmečica Waterfall is but a short hike away, making it a convenient family destination. The 8-metre high waterfall empties into a larger pool before joining the Sava Bohinjka River slightly further down. An excellent choice for all seasons.

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