Bled and the surrounding area is a perfect destination for an active getaway in nature. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, clear your mind and enjoy nature. There is a wide variety of experiences to choose from, ranging from meditative nature walks to adrenaline-fueled adventures to test your limits. While enjoying your adventures, you will get to know the friendly locals and learn about our heritage.

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Enjoy the Nature

Explore Bled and the surrounding area. The most popular activities include a boat ride to the little island in the middle of Lake Bled or a walk to the castle overlooking the lake with some of the most beautiful views. Discover everything Bled has to offer by bike or scooter, relax during a yoga class in the peaceful, green setting of the resort, discover the many walking trails around the lake and let nature take care of everything else.

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Exercise Your Body and Mind

Exercise is the best recipe for well-being and relaxation. Around here, there is no shortage of things to do: hiking and mountaineering, cycling, horse riding, winter sports… There is something for everyone. One of the places that offer countless options for a bit of exploring is the wonderful Triglav National Park. Here, you can find a peak that best suits your level of fitness, be it 200 or 2,000 metre high. 

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Paddle towards New Adventures

The glorious, clear waters of rivers and lakes are a popular playground for anyone who enjoys water activities and likes to let out their inner child. For a bit of adrenaline and some splashing around in water, you can enjoy canyoning, river tubing and white water rafting. An equally wonderful view of the mountain tops can be enjoyed during some relaxing paddling, stand up paddle boarding or canoeing. And if you would like to get as close to water as possible, there's swimming and diving. 

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Get the Adrenaline Flowing

Sometimes all it takes is a truly crazy experience to get your adrenaline flowing and make you feel all excited and alive. For a full dose of adrenaline, there are a number of adventures to choose from: parachute jumps, powered paragliding or panoramic hot-air balloon rides, during which you will come face to face with the highest peaks of the Julian Alps. 

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Learn about Cultural Heritage

The Gorenjska region is well known for its genuine and unaffected people who have been maintaining their way of life and the local traditions for centuries. You can learn all about the traditional local know-how, skills and customs at the Alpine Homestead, where you can also taste some fine traditional Slovenian food. If you wish, you can stay here and turn into a real ‘Gorenj'c’ (a native of Gorenjska) for a few days. 

We'll take care of everything

Our friendly reception staff will be happy to tell you all about the various adventures on offer, make a reservation for you and get you anything you need for an unforgettable tailor-made trip. You can let us know about your wants and needs even before you get here – email us at Forget all about your everyday worries and get ready for new adventures.