Cold Starters

  • Hand-chopped smoked trout, horseradish mousse, fresh-baby-cucumber concasse and toasted bread
  • Venison carpaccio with marinated rocket and julienned vegetables, lemon and garlic emulsion
  • Pot barley with root-vegetable concasse and locally-sourced cottage cheese, parsley oil and olive foam
  • Culinary delights from local farms

Hot Starters

  • Spelt risotto with prawns and baby vegetables from the resort’s garden, aged-cheese espuma with fried vegetables
  • Fresh house-made ravioli filled with cottage cheese in pancetta-tarragon sauce
  • Buckwheat pockets filled with cottage cheese in sheep’s-milk-cheese sauce
  • House-made pasta with seasonal vegetables and toasted nuts


  • Beef soup with house-made soup fillers
  • Cream of vegetable soup with vegetables from the resort’s garden

Main Courses

  • Organic beef fillet, shallot sauce, carrot soufflé, vegetables
  • Herb-crusted pork tenderloin in port wine sauce, tarragon štruklji, carrot cream, vegetables
  • Bohinj trout fillet, fennel with orange, spinach cream and potato soufflé
  • Chicken fillet, sweet potato soufflé, velvety apple wine sauce
  • Polenta trdinka (indigenous corn variety) with pan-seared porcini mushrooms  and caramelised vegetables grown in the resort’s garden


Seasonal salad from the resort's garden
  • With chicken (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, bacon, chicken, egg, mayonnaise dressing)
  • With smoked trout (lettuce, olives, pan-roasted cherry tomatoes, citrus mayonnaise, trout)
  • With young cheese (lettuce, pan-fried young cheese, pan-fried vegetables, pumpkin seeds, vinegar, pumpkin-seed oil, balsamic vinegar)

Children's Meals

  • Chicken skewers, vegetables and rice
  • House-special burger with French fries
  • Fried chicken medallions with seeds and French fries


  • Specialty of the house – chocolate fondant
  • House-made cake
  • Garden Village custard cream cake – kremšnita
  • Pear mousse, buckwheat crumble, chocolate ganache, locally-sourced cottage cheese
  • Cottage-cheese štruklji with tarragon glaze, sweet crumbs and cinnamon