The Terms and Conditions of the giveaway

1. Data about the Giveaway Organiser

The organiser of the giveaway titled ‘WIN A GETAWAY IN NATURE’ (hereinafter: the giveaway) is the company Plantea d.o.o., Cesta Gorenjskega odreda 16, 4260 Bled, Slovenia (hereinafter: the organiser). The technical implementation of the giveaway is taken care of by the company Innovatif d.o.o, Poljanski nasip 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter: the contractor). The giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook or Instagram and is in no way affiliated with Facebook/Instagram as a business.

2. The Aim of the Giveaway

The aim of the giveaway is to promote the accommodation facilities and services at the Garden Village Bled resort and the Garden Restaurant.

3. Giveaway Running Time

The giveaway is open from 19 April 2021 to 30 May 2021 (12:00).

4. Giveaway Participants – Entrants

The giveaway is open to all natural persons with a permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia, Germany and Austria, over the age of 18, who enter the giveaway via the websites,, and
Employees and other individuals working with Plantea d.o.o. and employees and other individuals working with Innovatif d.o.o., their immediate family members (a spouse, a common-law partner, children) and other persons who are in any way connected with the organisation of the giveaway may not enter the giveaway. Legal entities are also not allowed to enter the giveaway.

5. Giveaway Terms and Conditions

By participating in the giveaway, the participants (entrants) confirm that they are familiar with the Giveaway Terms and Conditions, as well as with the Privacy Policy of the company Plantea d.o.o, that they accept the terms and agree with them. In the event of a dispute or any ambiguities, these Terms and Conditions shall be considered primary in relation to any other notices, be it in printed, electronic or any other form. The authentic interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is defined exclusively by the giveaway organiser and technical contractor.


6. How to Enter, How Long the Giveaway Is Open and How It Is Run

The participants enter the giveaway by signing up for the e-newsletter via the websites,, and between 19 April 2021 and 30 May 2021 (12:00), i.e. they provide their contact details through the form (their first name, surname and email address), and by clicking on the ‘I agree with the Privacy Policy’ button, they agree with the e-newsletter subscription, with the giveaway entry and with the Giveaway Terms and Conditions. After receiving an email sent to their personal email address and confirming the subscription by clicking on “Yes, add me to this list.”, they are added to the e-newsletter subscription list and enter the Garden Village Bled giveaway.

One giveaway winner will be chosen through a random draw of all the entries. The draw will be performed by a computer-based process on 31 May 2021. The winner will be notified about the prize by email. The prize includes the following:

- 2 nights in a tree house or a glamping tent for 4 people
- breakfast
- 1 x 45-minute use of the sauna

7. Prize

The single prize consists of:
- 2 nights in a tree house or a glamping tent for 4 people (the giveaway winner + up to 3 invited guests)
- breakfast
- 1 x 45-minute use of the sauna

8. Presentation of the Prize

The prize will be given to one winner drawn from all the entrants who have signed up to the e-newsletter during the duration of the giveaway through the websites ,, and, i.e. the entrants who have entered their data in the e-newsletter subscription form and have confirmed their consent by clicking on the ‘e-newsletter subscription and giveaway entry’ button.
The winner will be sent an email with information on how to collect the prize. The winner needs to claim the prize within 5 days of receiving the email notice and work out the details regarding the use of the prize with the organiser. The organiser and the winner will agree on the exact date of when the prize will be used in 2021. The winner shall also provide the necessary personal details to prove eligibility for the prize under these Giveaway Terms and Conditions (first name and surname, permanent place of residence, date of birth, and if necessary, also the tax ID number and the tax office).

9. Prize Value and Personal Income Tax Prepayment (for Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia)

In the event that the winner is a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia, he/she is obliged to provide the giveaway organiser with information on his/her tax ID number and tax office as the prize value exceeds the total value of EUR 42. If the winner fails to provide the required data within the specified period, he/she loses the right to the prize.

The prize value above EUR 42 is added to the winner's annual tax base for the personal income tax assessment. In accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act (ZDoh-2), giveaway prize winnings exceeding the value of EUR 42 are taxed at a rate of 25% of the winnings value, increased by the withholding tax coefficient. The calculation and personal income tax prepayment is made by the giveaway organiser. If the amount of the calculated advance payment is lower than EUR 20, the personal income tax prepayment is not deducted and not paid. The withholding tax is deducted at the same time as the calculation of other income in accordance with the applicable regulations. Any other tax liabilities are the responsibility of the winners.  

10. Prize Draw

The giveaway organiser will choose the winner randomly by means of a computer-based draw in accordance with these Giveaway Terms and Conditions. The draw will be performed on 31 May 2021.
The prize draw will include all the entries received in the period between the giveaway was made public and 12:00 on 30 May 2021.
If the randomly selected winner does not meet the giveaway-entrant conditions or the prize-claim conditions under these Terms and Conditions, another entrant will be chosen by means of a draw.
A user is a natural person with the following personal data: first name, surname, email address. The prize is non-exchangeable, not redeemable for cash and non-transferable.

11. Giveaway Winner Announcement

By entering the giveaway, all participants (entrants) agree to their first name and the initial of their surname (name and the first letter of the surname) being used in the event that they have won the prize. The winner explicitly allows the giveaway organiser to publish his/her first name and the initial of the surname in the media and online for the purposes of announcing the results of the prize draw or the prize collection. It is not possible to make a complaint about the prize draw on the basis of these Giveaway Terms and Conditions.

12. Prize Claim

The entrants are eligible for the prize on condition that they have agreed to these Giveaway Terms and Conditions and that they meet the conditions for participation in the giveaway.
The winner will be notified about the prize by email to the email address provided on the form.
The organiser and the contractor reserve the right not to award the prize if:
• the winner fails to meet the prize eligibility conditions,
• it is established that the user has participated in the giveaway in violation of the Giveaway Terms and Conditions.

At the same time, the giveaway organiser acquires the right to use the prize for any other purpose.

13. Exclusion of Liability

The giveaway organiser and the contractor do not assume any responsibility for:
• the website not working or for any consequences of this, regardless of the reasons for the website issues,
• a non-functioning online giveaway, which is the result of a failure of the contractual partners' network, a power outage or any other technical problems that could temporarily interfere with the use of the website's services,
• any consequences that entrants might suffer due to participation in the giveaway which the organiser and the technical contractor have no influence over,
• participation in the giveaway with incorrect personal details,
• any consequences of using the prize.

14. Personal Data Protection

Giveaway entrants agree that, as the personal date controller, the giveaway organiser manages, maintains and controls the database of individuals' personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation governing personal data protection (Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation).

Giveaway entrants may withdraw their consent to the use of their personal data for the purposes of various campaigns (giveaways, surveys, e-newsletters) by sending a notice to the email address In the event that the consent referred to in this paragraph is withdrawn, the organiser and the contractor will erase the personal data in question within 15 days from the receipt of the consent withdrawal.

 The lawful basis for the processing of giveaway entrants' personal data for the purpose of running a giveaway or direct marketing is the entrants' voluntary consent. Consent is given on a completely voluntary basis and is not conditional on any services provided by the giveaway organiser.

15. Access to the Giveaway Terms and Conditions

The link to the Giveaway Terms and Conditions will be published on the website, where they can be accessed by all giveaway entrants.

Late and incomplete giveaway entries will not be included in the draw. The decision made by the giveaway organiser and contractor on all issues related to the giveaway is final and applies to all entrants.

The giveaway organiser and the contractor reserve the right to change these Giveaway Terms and Conditions for legal, technical or commercial reasons. The entrants will be notified of any changes to these Terms and Conditions through a notice published on the Garden Village Bled website. If entrants continue to participate in the giveaway after any changes to the Terms and Conditions have been announced, it is considered that they have accepted the changes and that they agree to them.

Any giveaway-related disputes that cannot be resolved by common consent come under the jurisdiction of the court in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana, 19 April 2021