Have a ride with us through Slovenia by the side ways.
Spend half, ¾ or entire day away from your “temporary home”.
Personal/family touch, friendly drivers, little groups, lots of fun.
Tailor made 
  • Julian Alps
    Kranjska Gora – Vršič mountain pass –  Zadnjica/Trenta valley – Soča valley – Bovec – Mangart moutain road – Predel mountain pass - Bled
    Spend full day with us
    Together cca: 200km
    Prepare for the day full of ascends and descends, attractive views, unspoiled nature, history of first word war, alpine flowers and animals in the very heart of Julian Alps. This is probably the nicest part of the country. We will start our first ascend in Kranjska Gora up to the highest mountain pass Vršič (1611 m above the sea level). Descend down to the remote Zadnjica/Trenta valley. This part of the way we will be driving next to the emerald beauty – river Soča. On the way back home we will ascend  to the highest mountain road Mangart saddle (2055m above the sea level) and from there down again and over another mountain pass - Predil (1156m above the sea level). You will be amazed by all the beautiful masterpieces that were created by Mother Nature.
    Cesta Gorenjskega odreda 16
    4260 Bled, Slovenia - SI, EUROPE

    46° 21' 27.252" | 14° 5' 52.987"